Durrrr Challenge Opponent Antonius Finds New Prospects

For the last few years, the online poker community has been following the infamous Durrrr Challenge, a ferocious heads-up contest with nosebleed stakes that saw Tom Dwan face off with some of the most prolific poker pros of our time. Dwan’s most notable foe, Patrik Antonius, is now taking on a new challenge against members of iGame Poker.

Like many of its devout followers, Antonius has likely grown bored with the excessively long-winded hiatus from the Durrrr Challenge at Full Tilt Poker, finally making the decision to move on. Patrik has left Full Tilt Poker, signing a new sponsorship deal with European based online poker room iGame. The details of his contract give members of the poker site a chance to compete heads-up against the Finnish poker pro for a shot at €20,000.

The exclusive event is termed the Patrik Antonius Final. All real money players at iGame Poker are welcome to compete in a series of corresponding freeroll tournaments where the winners snag a seat in the big finale tourney. They can also buy their way directly into the finale tournament for €320. The winner of this tournament will face off with high rolling poker phenom Patrik Antonius. The challenge includes two events, where Antonius’s opponent must win both in order to cash in on the big prize of €20,000.

The next Patrik Antonius Final will take place on July 24th, 2012. The Finn’s opponent, Rui Faria, spent hours upon hours battling it out against a tough field earlier this month to earn his spot at the big challenge next week. If Faria can outplay Patrik in both heads-up contests, he will take home the €20,000 prize, not to mention some incredible bragging rights. Should Faria manage to win just one phase of the Patrik Antonius Challenge, he will still rake in an impressive €5,000. However, there are no real losers. Failing to defeat Patrik in both rounds of the heads-up match still awards a €2,000 VIP Package.

iGame Poker is a new online poker skin on the IGT Poker Network established in 2012 by iGame Ltd, the same company that is responsible for NoIQ Poker, 24hrPoker and other popular card playing sites. It has an impressive player base and a ‘Fast Poker’ motif that has drawn more and more members to the virtual felt on a daily basis.

iGame’s specialized ‘Fast Poker’ system allows players to continuously participate in poker hands without a moment’s delay. Much like the Rush Poker concept of Full Tilt Poker, when a player folds a hand, they are instantly swept away to another table where they will be dealt into an active hand. This negates the need to wait for opponents to finish out a hand before getting back into the action. Players don’t even have to wait for their turn to fold.

While Tom “durrrr” Dwan may not be making any waves these days – even his 2012 WSOP appearances, as few as they are, have been lackluster at best – at least we have Finalnd’s pride and joy, Patrik Antonius, to provide some much needed action on the virtual felt. Any and all are welcome to tune in to iGame Poker’s live-stream of the Patrik Antonius Finale as he faces off with Rui Faria on July 24th.

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