Antonius Shows Down a Pair of Aces?

In one of the most interesting hands we’ve seen here in the Durrrr Challenge, Patrik Antonius raised to $1,200 pre-flop, Tom “durrrr” Dwan made it $3,600, Antonius pushed the action to $6,000, and Dwan called. The flop came J-K-10 with two diamonds and Dwan check-called a $9,200 bet from Antonius. The turn came the two of diamonds. Dwan checked, Antonius bet $20,800, and Dwan once again just called. After the queen of hearts fell on the river, Dwan checked, Antonius pushed all-in for nearly $30,000, and Dwan called. After firing out shell after shell, Antonius flipped over A-A-8-6 for a pair of aces, while Durrrr turned over a king-high flush. enlisted the aid of PokerXFactor instructor Chris “Fox” Wallace to determine the logic in this hand by our two favorite combatants. This is the first sizable hand we can recall that has ended with a pair being shown down. Tell us what happened.

Wallace: When Antonius re-raises pre-flop and Durrrr only calls, it probably gives Antonius a read of Durrrr having small cards. On the flop, Antonius believes that Durrrr doesn’t have any piece of it. However, after he’s called, I think his turn and river bets are Antonius taking the hand so far. When you bet the flop and get called, what do you put your opponent on? Do you think he’s going to go away on the turn? It’s like in Stud: When someone calls on sixth street, they’re also going to call you on seventh street.

DC: Hands in Monday’s session boosted Antonius to a lead of $159,000. What size lead would Dwan or Antonius need to reach in order for either competitor to feel comfortable?

Wallace: In a game this size, if someone runs hot, a million bucks could change hands. At a half-million dollars, someone would likely feel like they had a lead. At a million dollars, someone would feel like they had a pretty good lead. One of these sessions could easily result in a $200,000 or $300,000 swing.

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