Pretty much nothing has been going on challenge-wise the last few days. The eight “durrrr Challenge” tables on Full Tilt Poker have remained empty and the poker world has been wondering “will this challenge EVER finish”? In fact, some are even wondering if it’s over less than 4,000 hands into an expected 150,000 hands (assuming all three players who accepted the challenge managed to finish it out).

We believe that the challenge will restart sometime this week. We think that it’s been a combination of online funding problems, scheduling conflicts and downswing mindsets that have caused the challenge delay. Obviously all of those sorts of problems can be dealt with.

Anyway, the most-exciting thing that has been going on is the Prediction Contest that we’re running. In case you missed it, we’re giving away thousands of dollars in a total freeroll. No entry fee, no intrusive signup process, just a few form fields and you’re in. Another cool thing about the prediction contest is that everyone who is a rakeback member who manages to generate $100 in combined lifetime rake across all poker networks gets their prize doubled — just the doubling alone can be worth $1000. We hope all of our readers and users get a chance to join. We’re going to close the prediction contest as soon as we can after the players hit the 15,000 hand mark (hopefully one of our staff members happens to be watching if/when that happens). After that, we’ll release a bunch of stats on the guessing (ie, which player has the confidence of the community, etc). Best of luck.

To Tom and Patrik: start playing again please!!

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