DC Takes Center Stage on NHUPC

Recently during NBC’s coverage of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Tom “durrrr” Dwan battled against Phil Hellmuth. The two hit the felts at the featured table and a discussion of the Million Dollar Challenge between Dwan and Patrik Antonius quickly ensued. Let’s recap the action for you in case you missed it.

Hellmuth opened the conversation by asking, “So right now you’re playing Patrik?” Dwan responded, “We should be able to finish in a few weeks if there are no good games. We’ve had different schedules and there have been so many games. I think Ivey’s next in line, but I’m not sure. I just sit there and post and see who comes.” National Heads-Up Poker Championship commentator Aji Nejad then explained the Durrrr Challenge to viewers. The heads-up tournament played out at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in March. Nearly three months later, Dwan and Antonius have yet to crack 15,000 hands.

In case you’re wondering, Dwan’s K-9 fell to Hellmuth’s 9-5 on a board of J-5-A-9-9 to send the youngster packing and vault “The Poker Brat” to the Elite Eight. Hellmuth commented to his foe after the match, “You were the one I was worried about.” Then, Hellmuth introduced Dwan to his father in an awkward moment that began with, “Hi, I’m Tom.”

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