While Cates is Away, the Dwan will Play

As you all know, the Durrrr Challenge finally resumed at Full Tilt Poker on Sunday, April 14, at Full Tilt Poker. Daniel “jungleman12” Cates and Tom “durrrr” Dwan finally got back to the action after a two year hiatus, but the continuation was lackluster at best, lasting almost an hour and resulting in just a few hundred hands.

These two American poker pros have yet to get back to the virtual felt since; at least not against each other. According to Cates’ Twitter page, he’s out of town at the moment. “I am doing a poker seminar in Kings Casino in Rozvodov. A lot of advanced stuff will be covered, check it out!” tweeted @junglemandan.

But while the cat is away, the mouse will play, and play Tom did. Dwan was found at the high-stakes tables on Full Tilt periodically for the last few days taking on another high-profile member of the online poker room, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. On Tuesday, April 16, the action piqued with a fierce, fast-paced brawl that landed more than a quarter of a million in durrrr’s virtual wallet.

Playing deep stack heads-up at the $100/$200 Omaha tables for two hours, durrrr and Isildur1 tossed chips, building ten 6-figure pots that became part of Full Tilt’s most expensive hands of the day. In fact, the duo was responsible for 25 of the online poker room’s 26 largest hands on the day.

The largest pot of all grew to a massive $217,600. Dwan flopped a flush draw and gut-shot straight with a pair of kings in the hole and, despite the ominous Ace on the board, shoved $115k into the pot. Isildur1 was the heavy underdog, but made the call. Dwan clenched his straight on the flop and scooped $217k.

In another colossal pot, Dwan again held KKxx, but was a 2-1 small fry stacked up to Blom’s AAxx. Once more, durrrr felt the breath of Lady Luck on his shoulder when another King fell on the flop, giving him the set, and the second largest pot of the session, $170,400.

Yet another nosebleed pot was taken when Isildur1 pushed a flop bet, raised by Dwan who had hit bottom pair. Tom then lead out with a big bet, which Viktor was quick to call, but it left him drawing to a Queen that never came. When the river didn’t flow, Dwan collected $167,200 for his valiant intuition.

All in all, Isildur1 did manage to snag the lead twice, coming back from a 6-digit deficit both times. About an hour and a half into the duel, Blom even managed to recovered from a $200k dearth, at which point the tides had seemed to turn greatly in his favor. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be for the Swedish poker pro. Tom Dwan held the lead for the majority of the heads-up showdown, and kept a firm grasp on it as these two departed. In the end, Dwan pocketed $238k from his worthy foe.

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