durrrr wins, Patrik wins: Two 60-something pots

Midstakes NL player Sean Gibson analyzes two of the middle-sized pots from Monday’s (Feb 23rd) session between Patrik and durrrr in which durrrr took $206k out of Patrik. Check out our live blog of the session here: Monday‚Äôs Session is Underway.

Hand History – Patrik wins $67k

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi – 2 players

durrrr (BB): $81199.00
Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $33799.00

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
Patrik Antonius raises to $1200, durrrr raises to $3600, Patrik Antonius calls $2400

Flop: ($7200.00) 4s 7c 8d (2 players)
durrrr checks, Patrik Antonius bets $4800, durrrr raises to $21600, Patrik Antonius raises to $30199 all in, durrrr calls $8599

Turn: ($67598.00) 6s (2 players – 1 is all in)

River: ($67598.00) 9d (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $67598.00
durrrr shows Ad 8s Jh Ah (a pair of Aces)
Patrik Antonius shows 5h 5c 8h 4d (a straight, Nine high)
Patrik Antonius wins $67597.50
(Rake: $0.50)

Sean’s Analysis

To start this hand Antonius is at a chip count disadvantage as he sits with roughly $34k and durrrr holds $81k when the cards are dealt. This obviously played part of the meta-game as we see the hand played out to the flop. The preflop action seems standard as Antonius uses his button position to make a raise with a pretty weak starting hand for Pot Limit Omaha Hi. Durrrr makes the standard 3bet with a pretty good hand, as he holds a couple of aces but also holds one of those aces in suited fashion matched the Jack of hearts. The flop is an airball for durrrr but Antonius flops two pair with his 48 and also a gutshot with his 55 if a 6 falls. Durrrr checks the flop and Antonius jumps on it with a decent bet of about 65% of the pot at this point and durrrr goes again into aggression mode with the check raise. Clearly meta-game had a hand in durrrr’s action here, but with a good solid heads up hand Antonius shoves and durrrr calls the $8,599 price into the large pot. With the cards turned over we see that Antonius is getting his money in good with a 65%-35% favorite, and the gutshot 6 of spades hit the turn and seals the deal for Antonius for a straight.

Hand History – durrrr wins $77k

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi – 2 players

durrrr (BTN/SB): $76198.50
Patrik Antonius (BB): $38798.00

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
durrrr raises to $1200, Patrik Antonius raises to $3600, durrrr calls $2400

Flop: ($7200.00) 4c 8s 6s (2 players)
Patrik Antonius checks, durrrr bets $4800, Patrik Antonius raises to $21600, durrrr raises to $38400, Patrik Antonius calls $13598 all in

Turn: ($77596.00) 8h (2 players – 1 is all in)

River: ($77596.00) Kh (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $77596.00
durrrr shows Ah 5s 3d Ad (two pair, Aces and Eights)
Patrik Antonius shows Js 9d Ks Ts (two pair, Kings and Eights)
durrrr wins $77595.50
(Rake: $0.50)

Sean’s Analysis

Again we see the button show aggression, but this time its durrrr with the stronger preflop hand holding pocket aces with one suited, as well as the 5 and 3 cards which could connect with the A to give a straight. Antonius looks down at some highly connected cards and reraises durrrr which is called. It should be noted that durrrr was a 58%-42% favorite preflop. The flop is a familiar 486 with two spades, giving durrrr pocket aces for now but also an open ended straight draw needing any 2 or 7 to complete the straight. Antonius only sees a king high flush draw, with the problem of one of his outs being taken by his own hand making this a virtual coinflip. The flop fireworks were a little surprising but with these two players that love to put the car in fifth gear right away it shouldn’t surprise us anymore that they like to get the money in. This time its Antonius check raising and durrrr making another raise to put Antonius all in, who obliges and gets the money in the middle. Obviously the check-raise flop meta-game which we have seen before played a part in these two getting the money in the middle with two hands that are pretty much unmade and drawing with one holding a big pocket pair for top pair. In the end we see Antonius miss his flush draw and only hit a King while durrrr’s hand of pocket aces ends up being best.

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