Flush Over Flush Equals Double Up

We always hear about players getting caught in set over set situations. However, in Monday’s running of the Durrrr Challenge, we saw our two heroes tangle in a flush over flush pot. Tom “durrrr” Dwan held Qh-4d-10h-Kd, while Patrik Antonius was dealt 7h-8s-5s-8h. Pre-flop, Antonius bet $1,200, Dwan made it $3,600, and Antonius called. The flop came 6h-Kh-7c. Dwan checked, Antonius led out for $6,000, Dwan raised to $25,200, and Antonius elected to just call. Both competitors saw the ten of clubs on the turn. Dwan pushed for his remaining stack of $40,000 and Antonius made the call. The river brought the nine of hearts, giving both players a flush. However, Dwan’s queen of hearts in the hole made a better flush, doubling the youngster up. DurrrrChallenge.com enlisted the brain of PokerXFactor instructor Chris “Fox” Wallace to break down the action.

DurrrrChallenge: Take us through this hand.

Wallace: The flop is pretty big for Antonius. He has a pair, an opened-ended straight draw, a flush draw, and, overall, has hit the flop pretty hard. Dwan has top pair and the second nut flush draw. They both have flopped a made hand and have draws. They started deep, so they don’t get it all-in on the flop. The only puzzling part about this hand is Antonius not trying to get it all in on the flop and having two cards to come and not one. Rather than calling Dwan’s bet on the flop, he could have raised all-in. If he had a big hand like two pair, he might not want to chase Dwan out of the pot. However, in this case, he didn’t.

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