Flushing Your Opponent

When we asked the experts, they said the second Durrrr Challenge was far from over. But, as more hands are played, it looks like Dan “jungleman12” Cates can more than handle Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Another session is in the books and Cates is now up over $819,000 after 17,108 hands have been played. There’s no question that a sick run for durrrr could swing this thing rather quickly, so nobody is counting him down and out just yet.

durrrr Gets Full River Value

SB: jungleman12 posts $200
BB: durrrr posts $400

jungleman12 raises to $800. durrrr 3bets to $2,400 and is called.

Flop (Pot = $4,800)

8h Qc 7c

durrrr bets $3,200. jungleman12 raises to $8,800. durrrr calls.

Turn (Pot = $22,400)


durrrr checks. jungleman12 bets $18,400. durrrr calls.

River (Pot = $59,200)


durrrr checks. jungleman12 goes all-in for $78,390. durrrr calls.

Pot = $181,142

jungleman12 shows 8c 7d for Two Pair, Eights and Sevens.

durrrr shows Ah Th for a Flush, Ace High.


Here’s a hand we think durrrr played poorly and got paid off. Pre-flop, there’s no problem with the 3bet with A-10 suited. The flop c-bet is also pretty standard, but jungleman12 has a history of raising small with big hands. Dwan calls getting a real good price, but at the same time, he can’t imagine he has much equity in the hand at that point. Since we know their hands, we can calculate that jungleman12 had an 89% to 11% equity edge at the flop. On the turn, we see durrrr pick up a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw; he also has an overcard to the board. Clearly, Dwan either didn’t know how far behind he was at the turn calling an 82% pot-sized bet down 75% to 25% in equity or had a perfect grasp of his implied odds. Either way, he made the call and hit one of his outs. We must give Dwan some serious props for knowing to check here. Although we might question the flop and turn play, it’s clear that Dwan executed a perfect river plan.

jungleman12 Rakes Monster Pot with Better Flush

SB: durrrr posts $200
BB: jungleman12 posts $400

durrrr raises to $1,200. jungleman12 3bets to $4,800 and is called.

Flop (Pot = $9,600)

Qc 8h 6h

jungleman12 bets $5,200. durrrr calls.

Turn (Pot = $20,000)


jungleman12 bets $16,800. durrrr calls.

River (Pot = $53,600)


jungleman12 bets $43,600. durrrr goes all-in for $81,453. jungleman12 calls.

Pot = $216,506

durrrr shows 4h 5h for a Flush.

jungleman12 shows 2h Jh for a better Flush. jungleman12 wins $216,506.


This hand is a bit of a cooler for durrrr. Pre-flop, both guys are ridiculously deep with stacks around $110,000, or 275 big blinds. Pre-flop, the 3bet from jungleman12 is pretty light and durrrr, holding suited connectors, makes a pretty standard call. On the flop, Cates had to think his only solid equity was the nine outs for a flush, but we know it was really only seven outs. durrrr, meanwhile, flopped a flush draw and also had a gutshot straight draw to a seven and a straight flush draw to the seven of hearts. It’s a little surprising that Dwan didn’t hit the throttle button here at the flop, but his strategy might be changing now that he has gotten to know Cates much better since the challenge began. The action on the turn and river was pretty standard since we know that Cates has a history of betting big on a flush board without the goods. We can’t blame durrrr for his play and, in the end, chalk this one up to a pretty bad cooler.

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