Mid-way Point Session Analysis

We’ve finally reached the halfway point of the Durrrr Challenge and Tom Dwan is in the lead by about $700,000 after 25,000+ hands played of Pot Limit Omaha against Patrik Antonius. We’ve seen some wild swings for both players, who have each enjoyed leads of a half-million dollars or more. The most recent session on Full Tilt Poker lasted three hours and saw Dwan win a number of sizable pots. Antonius did fight back to redeem himself in two hands that we’ll take a look at now.

Patrik Fights Back

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi

durrrr (BB): $80165.00
Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $117601.50

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
Patrik Antonius raises to $1200, durrrr raises to $3600, Patrik Antonius calls $2400

Flop: ($7200.00) 3d Js 6d (2 players)
durrrr checks, Patrik Antonius bets $6000, durrrr calls $6000

Turn: ($19200.00) Jc (2 players)
durrrr checks, Patrik Antonius bets $11600, durrrr raises to $54000, Patrik Antonius raises to $108001.50 all in, durrrr calls $16565 all in

River: ($160330.00) 7c (2 players – 2 are all in)

Final Pot: $160330.00
durrrr shows Jh 8d 9s Ah (three of a kind, Jacks)
Patrik Antonius shows 3c 3h Qc 6s (a full house, Threes full of Jacks)
Patrik Antonius wins $160329.50


On the button, Antonius made a raise with 3-3-Q-6 single-suited to clubs, which is not a particularly strong hand, even for heads-up play in PLO. Dwan made a 3bet with J-8-9-A single-suited to hearts with the ace and Antonius made the call in position. The flop hit Antonius by virtue of the 3-J-6 two diamond board, which gave him bottom set. In most PLO games played six- or nine-handed, bottom set typically isn’t something to plow chips in the middle with, but in an aggressive heads-up match like this, it’s a solid play. Dwan checked the flop with top pair, Antonius led out, and Dwan called. The turn was the real action card, the jack of clubs. Dwan had turned trip jacks with a boat redraw if an ace, eight, or nine hit the river in addition to his quad draw for another out. Antonius turned the boat with threes over jacks, meaning he was willing to get it all-in right there. Dwan went for the check-raise, which was a good move considering he’s ahead a lot of the time, as Antonius would need 33xx, J3xx, J6xx, or 66xx to be ahead. Antonius got it in and, for $16,565 more, Dwan made the call getting 9:1 odds as a 75-25% dog. Antonius held up with the seven of clubs on the river and took down a huge $160,329 pot.

Patrik Stops the Bleeding with Straight Flush

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi

durrrr (BTN/SB): $173956.00
Patrik Antonius (BB): $76996.00

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
durrrr raises to $1200, Patrik Antonius raises to $3600, durrrr calls $2400

Flop: ($7200.00) Js 3c 9s (2 players)
Patrik Antonius bets $7200, durrrr calls $7200

Turn: ($21600.00) 3s (2 players)
Patrik Antonius bets $13200, durrrr calls $13200

River: ($48000.00) Ts (2 players)
Patrik Antonius requests TIME, Patrik Antonius bets $48000, durrrr raises to $149956 all in, Patrik Antonius calls $4996 all in

Final Pot: $153992.00
durrrr shows Qd 2d Tc 3h (a full house, Threes full of Tens)
Patrik Antonius shows 4c Ks Qs Kd (a straight flush, King high)
Patrik Antonius wins $153991.50


In this hand, durrrr was on the button and made a raise with Q-2-T-3 suited to diamonds, which by all accounts is a terrible hand. Antonius, on the big blind, woke up with 4-K-Q-K suited to spades and 3bet in response, which was called by Dwan. The flop was J-3-9 with two spades and Antonius immediately led out for full pot with his overpair, gutshot straight draw, flush draw, and straight flush draw. Dwan flatted the bet with his pair of threes and open-ender. The three of spades on the turn gave Dwan trips with the boat redraw to any queen (one of which was in Antonius’s hand), two, or ten (one of which was counterfeited because it would give Antonius a straight flush). Antonius had his second nut flush, but on a paired board, which is always dangerous in PLO. Antonius didn’t lead out full pot this time and instead bet a little over half-pot at the turn, which was flatted again by durrrr. The gin card came at the river for Antonius, with the ten of spades giving him a king-high straight flush, while at the same time filling up Dwan with a boat, threes over tens. Predictably, the boys immediately got their money in and this had to rank as a cooler for Dwan.

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