Prediction Contest

Alright poker world, this is your chance to prove that you know all when it comes to the durrrr challenge. We are putting up a healthy prizepool in a TOTAL freeroll for whoever guesses the outcome of the durrrr versus Patrik Antonius 50,000 hand match.

Here are the prizes for the prediction contest:

Finish Default Prize TITN Qualifier Prize
1st $1000 $2000
2nd $200 $400
3rd $200 $400
4th $200 $400
5th $100 $200
6th $100 $200
7th $100 $200
8th $100 $200
9th $100 $200
10th $100 $200
Total $2200 $4400

There are some simple rules:

  1. One prediction per person. Guessing more than once will result in ALL of your guesses being disqualified.
  2. Winners are ordered by closeness to the ending figure as reported by Full Tilt Poker. There is no penalty for going over/under in any direction — the only goal is to be as close as possible to the actual outcome.
  3. This contest is only valid if durrrr and Patrik exceed a total hand count of 30,000. If they quit beforehand, this prediction contest is void.
  4. Predictions will close at or around 15,000 total hands.
  5. Once your prediction is entered, it cannot be changed.
  6. Prizes will be paid by via Full Tilt Poker transfer in a timely manner after the challenge concludes.
  7. In order to be paid, you must be reachable after the challenge via the email you enter below because TITN will need to know your FTP username to send the transfer.
  8. If you’re a rakeback network member* with $100 in combined lifetime rake on ANY poker network by the last day of challenge play, you will get your prize doubled. In other words, if you finish first, you will receive $2000. The same doubling applies to any other prize. It’s within the rules of the contest to enter the prediction contest first and then go sign up for ThisIsTheNuts rakeback in order to generate $100 in combined rake before the end of challenge play. Click here to sign up for ThisIsTheNuts now!
  9. In order to qualify for the TITN network doubling, your rakeback registered email must match the email used below. Attempts to game the system we’re using to tie accounts together (emails matching) will result in disqualification and every other finisher will be bumped up accordingly.
  10. 10 total prizes will be given out. The minimum awarded will be $2,200 and the maximum will be $4,400.

*The rakeback network includes, but is not limited to:, rakeback, rakeback.

Sorry, the Durrrr Challenge Prediction Contest is now closed due to the players hitting the 15,000 hand milestone on May 29th, 2009. Thanks to all who participated. The next milestone is 30,000 hands which will officially “lock in” the contest as being valid. Good luck!