Run it Twice, Win $60,000

DurrChallenge Hands from the session played on December 15th, 2010.

jungleman12 holds up … twice


jungleman12 posts Big Blind of $400
durrrr posts Small Blind of $200

durrrr raises to $1200. jungleman12 3bets to $3,600 and durrrr calls.

FLOP: 2h 9h 4c (Pot = $7,200)

jungleman12 bets $3,600. durrrr raises all-in for $26,397. jungleman12 calls.

jungleman shows Qh Qs and durrrr shows 5h Th . Players agree to Run It Twice.

TURN 1: 9s

TURN 2: Ac

jungleman12 wins pot 1 for $29,997 with a Pair of Queens. jungleman12 wins pot 2 for $29,997 with a Pair of Queens.


The pre-flop play from JungleMan12 is pretty standard. He’s not 4betting here to disguise his hand, which makes sense given durrrr’s post-flop aggression history. On the flop, we see a massive overbet shove from durrrr, which we are guessing he learned from Isildur1. We know that the players decided to run it twice, which makes the shove with a draw a lot more equitable against JungleMan12’s overpair. Unfortunately for Dwan, his strategy didn’t pay off and JungleMan12 banked $60,000 after scooping both halves of the pot.

durrrr rivers a better two pair


durrrr posts Big Blind of $400
jungleman12 posts Small Blind of $200

jungleman12 min-raises to $800. durrrr 3bets to $2,400. jungleman12 4bets to $5,600. durrrr calls.

FLOP: Jc Td Jd (Pot = $11,200)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 checks.

TURN: 8c (Pot = $11,200)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 bets $8,400. durrrr calls.

RIVER: Ah (Pot = $27,999)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 checks.

durrrr shows Qc Ad for Two Pair, Aces and Jacks. jungleman12 shows Ts 7c for Two Pair, Tens and Jacks.

durrrr wins $27,999.


The 4bet here is interesting, as JungleMan12 doesn’t have a monster like in the last hand, where he had Q-Q and flatted the 3bet. Instead, he 4bet with a much worse hand, which might be something to note in future Durrrr Challenge play. On the flop, JungleMan12 hit it pretty well for two pair, but decided to check it back, which was a little curious given the pre-flop aggression. Perhaps durrrr’s flatting the 4bet scared him or he thought he could check to slow play his hand. Whatever the case, the river ace slowed JungleMan12 into checking it back for a showdown, clearly realizing that he was either beat at the flop or sucked out on at the river.

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