The Nuts Versus the Not So Nuts

Let’s take a look at a recent hand played between Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius in the Million Dollar Challenge. We’ll go from pre-flop all the way through to showdown to uncover the thought process behind these two aggressive players’ actions in a massive $292,000 hand. has solicited the help of our friend and instructor Chris “Fox” Wallace.

durrrr (BB): $145,975.50
Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $153,987.50

Wallace: Wow, deep stacks. I think the deep stacks that come from playing heads-up big-bet games are part of what Durrrr was counting on to help him, which is why Antonius has wanted to play short sessions.

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
Patrik Antonius raises to $1,200, durrrr calls $800
Durrrr holds Ac-5h-3c-7c
Antonius holds Kh-Jh-9-c-Jc

Wallace: Standard stuff. An easy raising hand heads-up for Antonius and Durrrr is going to call with any sort of drawing hand when the stacks are this deep. A suited ace and some connection to his cards make his hand more than good enough. At this point, neither player has much of a read on the other, although they may have some guess about very wide ranges.

Flop: ($2,400.00) – 6c-4c-Js
durrrr bets $1,750, Patrik Antonius raises to $7,650, durrrr raises to $20,200, Patrik Antonius raises to $63,000, durrrr calls $42,800

Wallace: This is a serious action flop for both hands. Antonius currently has the stone nuts and against a wrap straight draw, he has flush and boat draws to back him up, so he’s a nice favorite. Against a flush draw, he has some of the outs as well as a boat draw. He has nothing to fear getting all-in on the flop if he can. Durrrr has a straight draw and the nut flush draw. I’m surprised he didn’t get the chips all-in here rather than wait for the turn like he did.

Turn: ($12,8400.00) – 10d
durrrr bets $81,775.50 all in, Patrik Antonius calls $81,775.50

Wallace: This is an odd place for a stop and go, but you have to mix up your play against a guy like Antonius. He’s too solid and smart to just be playing ABC Omaha. He must have had some reason to think that Antonius might fold if he went with the stop and go. He knew he was getting called on the flop if he shoved, which is the only reason he would have slowed down. Durrrr must have thought Antonius might also be on a draw or he had a weak made hand that he might release. If he reads Antonius for a draw, then this is a good play because he is behind most draws with A-5 to the board.

River: ($291,951.00) (2 players – 1 is all in) – Qc

Wallace: Durrrr gets all of his chips in behind and wins $292,000. Why doesn’t that happen to me? Antonius is now punching himself in the face watching a Lamborghini slide across the table to Dwan.

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