Week-Long Break in JungleMan12 Durrrr Challenge

If you’re like me, every morning you get up and take a quick hop over to Full Tilt Poker to see if any action from the Dan “JungleMan12” Cates against Tom “durrrr” Dwan Million Dollar Challenge has occurred. Leading up to the first session between the two young guns, a considerable amount of hype existed. Now, after a one-week hiatus from the table, one wonders when we’ll see more action from the felts.

Clueless as to when the Durrrr Challenge will pick back up is Cates himself, who posted on Twitter on Saturday, “Good session vs PA at 500/1k, dunno when Durrrr Challenge is gonna resume.” Cates last battled Dwan on August 30th and pushed his lead out to nearly $700,000. A total of 6,820 hands have been played out of the 50,000 required for completion. Amazingly, Cates has scooped 61% of them for a win rate of 25.33 BB/100. Not too shabby.

Dwan, meanwhile, is gallivanting around Europe. His Twitter feed noted that he was on his way to Cannes. Four hours prior, Dwan chirped, “Just landed in London, apparently WPT High Roller is today, so I might go learn about that.” Dwan will also be filming the PartyPoker World Open on Wednesday and Thursday. He will take to the felts in the World Open as part of Heat #5, where his competition will include Phil Laak, John Tabatabai, Toby Lewis, Roland De Wolfe, Dale Hoy, Heather Mercer, and Jason Grey.

Should Dwan make the final table of the PartyPoker World Open, he’ll be occupied until at least Friday. Last year, Laak won the event for $250,000; this year’s winner banks $200,000. One hopes that the second incarnation of the Durrrr Challenge is not destined to follow the first into obscurity. Dwan and Patrik Antonius have not played each other in four weeks in a challenge that is approaching 20 months in length.

The thread following the action on TwoPlusTwo has been locked down, but to say the natives are restless wouldn’t do it justice. One poster frustratingly typed, “Durrrr seems to be really bad at time management. How often does he say, I will attempt to Blog or Tweet more? It just does not happen.”

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