Analysis from 8/25 Session

Fortunately for fans of the Durrrr Challenge, it seems that it’s back in full swing and both players have traded off half-million dollar leads so far in fast-paced actions. Let’s take a look at two key hands from the session on August 25th.

Patrik Turns Straight in $172K Pot

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omahahahahaha

durrrr (BTN/SB): $114016.50
Patrik Antonius (BB): $85939.00

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
durrrr raises to $1200, Patrik Antonius raises to $3600, durrrr raises to $10800, Patrik Antonius calls.
Flop: ($21600.00) 9h 6d 3d
Patrik Antonius checks, durrrr bets $21600, Patrik Antonius raises to $75139 and is all in, durrrr calls
Turn: ($171877.50) 4h (2 players – 1 is all in)
River: ($171877.50) 2h (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $171877.50
durrrr shows Kc Qc Qd 9d (Pair of Queens)
Patrik Antonius shows 7d 6s 5c 4d (Straight, Three to Seven)
Patrik Antonius wins $171877.50


Even in a traditional online six-handed PLO game, the two hands that both players had been dealt would have been considered powerhouses. In a heads-up match, there was no doubting that both players would ride their hands hard. On the button, Dwan held K-Q-Q-9 double-suited and, in the big blind, Antonius had 7-6-5-4 single-suited. Historicall,y we have seen no hesitation from Durrrr to 4bet these types of hands and again we saw that behavior based on his strong starting hand. Antonius, with his premium drawing hand, called to create a very large pot for the flop.

The 9-6-3 with two diamonds nailed both players. Durrrr maintained his pocket queens and had a redraw to the diamond flush. Dwan also had probable improving cards with the kings (for kings over nines) or a nine (trip nines, king kicker). Antonius couldn’t have asked for a better flop, with the seven-high flush draw (which he didn’t know was counterfeited by Dwan’s higher flush draw) plus the straight draws to a deuce, four, five, seven or eight. Remember, though, that if any diamond came for those outs, it would actually give Dwan the winning hand. At the flop, with so many possibilities, the money went in very predictably. Antonius held the very slight 54% to 46% advantage and held up in the hand for a massive $171,877 pot.

Big Cooler Works Out for Antonius

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omahahahahaha

Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $149883.00
durrrr (BB): $75078.50

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
Patrik Antonius raises to $1200, durrrr calls
Flop: ($2400.00) 7s 5d 3c
durrrr checks, Patrik Antonius bets $2400, durrrr raises to $8500, Patrik Antonius raises to $21200, durrrr raises to $66000, Patrik Antonius raises, durrrr calls $7878.50 and is all in.
Turn: ($150156.50) Td (2 players – 1 is all in)
River: ($150156.50) Qs (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $150156.50
durrrr shows 8c 6h 5c 5s (Three of a kind, Fives)
Patrik Antonius shows Kh Qh 6s 4s (Straight, Four to Eight)
Patrik Antonius wins $171877.50


Most of the big hands played in the Durrrr Challenge have not started as passively as this one. Antonius held K-Q-6-4 double-suited, while Dwan called with 8-6-5-5. Neither player had a pre-flop advantage, but that all changed when the first three cards fell. The 7-5-3 nailed both players and the fireworks that followed were reflective of the strength of both hands. Durrrr flopped middle set with a redraw to the nut straight, while Antonius flopped a straight. With the redraw to the boat and the straight, Dwan held a 62% to 37% advantage and the money flew into the pot. The ten and queen came on the final streets and Dwan never improved from his set. Antonius held up for a $171.877 pot.

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