Tom Dwan: Alive and in Person

If you’re an avid reader of, then you know the New Jersey born youngster is one of the world’s most respected players. You can take our word for it, but we at wanted to give you an inside glimpse into what makes Dwan such a feared player from those who have seen the madness unfold live.

Court Harrington is the lead Tournament Reporter for As such, you can regularly find him at the most prestigious live events on the planet. In addition, he works closely with PokerRoad Radio and knows what it takes succeed in the live arena. Harrington told, “Tom is one of the elite players in poker. He can change his game on the fly to adapt to the table in whatever way is the most advantageous. He doesn’t just find a style that is profitable and stick with it; he is always adjusting to playing in the most profitable way possible.”

Dwan has competed on poker shows such as GSN’s “High Stakes Poker” and the “National Heads-Up Poker Championship,” which airs on NBC. On whom Dwan has found success against, Harrington explained, “A lot of good poker players make their living beating bad players. Tom has taken on the best of the best and shown that his game is robust enough to compete successfully with any type of player.”

Jessica Welman is not only a savvy World Series of Poker (WSOP) Reporter, but she also breaks down hands regularly right here on She commented, “What amazes me the most about Dwan is that I still can’t pick up on any patterns or tendencies in his style of play because he is seriously capable of anything, even when he is managing four heads-up tables at once. With a lot of players, you notice a certain rhythm or style to their play, but Durrrr always has his opponents on their toes and unsure of how he is playing.”

We’ve kept tabs on Dwan on shows like “High Stakes Poker,” which is in the midst of airing its fifth season and the first with our protagonist. Dwan has been heavily featured throughout it. Welman noted, “I think the fact that Durrrr has been involved in every single one of the buzz-worthy hands on ‘High Stakes Poker’ this season says a lot about him as a player. At a table with some of the best of the best like Barry Greenstein, David Benyamine, Doyle Brunson, and Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies, Dwan is the one that is standing out and catching people’s interest.” Dwan recently took down the largest single pot in “High Stakes Poker” history for a $919,000 payday against Greenstein.

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