Analysis from Sunday’s Session

Midstakes NL player Sean Gibson is back to analyze hands as Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan played some hands this past Sunday (March 1st). Gibson breaks down two of the hands and possible meta-game from this short session.

durrrr adds another one – $72k pot

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi – 2 players

durrrr (BB): $83598.50
Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $36399.50

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
Patrik Antonius raises to $1200, durrrr calls $800

Flop: ($2400.00) As Js Kh (2 players)
durrrr checks, Patrik Antonius bets $2400, durrrr raises to $6700, Patrik Antonius calls $4300

Turn: ($15800.00) 8h (2 players)
durrrr bets $15800, Patrik Antonius raises to $28499.50 all in, durrrr calls $12699.50

River: ($72799.00) Ks (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $72799.00
durrrr shows 3s Ac 4h Ad (a full house, Aces full of Kings)
Patrik Antonius shows Qh Th Kc 8c (a full house, Kings full of Eights)
durrrr wins $72798.50
(Rake: $0.50)

Sean’s Analysis

Durrrr picks up pocket aces with the 34 for some possible low straight cards but none of the Aces are suited somewhat diminishing his hand’s value. Antonius picks up a pretty decent hand with the QTK8 with the QT and K8 sharing suits. We see the button (Antonius) raise and a flat call from durrrr and the flop couldn’t be more action oriented. Durrrr has flopped a set of aces, and Antonius currently has the nuts with his QT straight. Predictably, durrrr goes for the check raise and Antonius flat calls. We’ve seen this type of action before from durrrr, it seems against Antonius he’ll check raise some good hands that seem somewhat vulnerable. The turn is a 8 of hearts bringing a second flush draw to the board and giving Antonius the current nuts plus a flush draw. Durrrr leads out and predictably Antonius is too pleased to get it all in which is called. At this point we see that Antonius definitely got his money in good as a 80-20% favorite in the hand. The river is a K of spades reversing the fortunes for both players giving durrrr the boat and keeping Antonius where he was with the straight. Durrrr takes down a sexy $72,000 pot.

Patrik gets one back – $41k pot

Full Tilt Poker $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha Hi – 2 players

durrrr (BTN/SB): $41598.00
Patrik Antonius (BB): $38397.00

Pre Flop: ($600.00)
durrrr raises to $1200, Patrik Antonius raises to $3600, durrrr calls $2400

Flop: ($7200.00) Qh 7c 9d (2 players)
Patrik Antonius checks, durrrr checks

Turn: ($7200.00) 6h (2 players)
Patrik Antonius checks, durrrr bets $4800, Patrik Antonius calls $4800

River: ($16800.00) Js (2 players)
Patrik Antonius checks, durrrr bets $12200, Patrik Antonius calls $12200

Final Pot: $41200.00
durrrr shows 4d 8h 8s Jh (a pair of Jacks)
Patrik Antonius shows 6s 6c 9c 8d (three of a kind, Sixes)
Patrik Antonius wins $41199.50
(Rake: $0.50)

Sean’s Analysis

We have seen with just about any hand in this heads up challenge, the button has raised and in this case with a pretty marginal hand from durrrr. Antonius as we have seen before 3bets durrrr and we see some of the same meta-game between these two with marginal hands for Pot Limit Omaha Hi. With the call we see a pretty harmless flop, with durrrr flopping squat and playing his pocket eights and Antonius flopping middle pair. Both check the flop and we see the six of hearts come on the turn giving Antonius a set of sixes and durrrr a jack high flush draw and retaining his open ended straight draw. It’s for this reason that Antonius checks, and durrrr bets about two-thirds of the pot and gets a flat call. The river brings a Jack that connects to the board for some goofy straight draws (8T, TK, with 58 already making a straight) and we see identical action from the turn with Antonius making a check-call with his set and durrrr trying to buy the pot with a really weak hand (only a pair of Jacks).

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