Rush Poker Unveiled at Full Tilt Poker

Feel the rush, only at Full Tilt Poker. If you thought that watching Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius square off with millions of dollars on the line in the Durrrr Challenge was invigorating, then check out Rush Poker, the latest concoction from Full Tilt Poker. Rush what, you ask? Rush Poker allows players seated in special cash game groupings to be whisked away to a new table and a new hand following their action in the previous hand ending. It’s completely instant! Rush Poker is exclusive to Full Tilt, which plays host to our favorite Million Dollar Challenge.

The days of sitting around and waiting for the action to end in a hand end now. Instead, Rush Poker allows players to zip around same-stakes cash game tables with ease and the concept has caught on like wildfire. The best part about Rush Poker is that players have been able to muscle through 200 to 300 hands per hour – yes, per hour – on the Rush Poker tables, up to five times the previous rate. In addition, player pools of over 1,000 people exist, ensuring plenty of action at the lower stakes around the clock.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Instead, check out what members of the online poker community have been saying about this frenetic version of a popular pastime. On, a massive 40-page thread developed about Rush Poker with a simple post that read, “Full Tilt got a new fish attractor! They call it Rush Poker. Hopefully some of the fish will come to the real games tho!” Those 24 words sparked a maelstrom of feedback from members posting zany hand histories and giving their two cents on the Rush Poker experience.

Then, Rush Poker strategy began to come into play. With many players employing a straightforward approach to poker – raising when they have something and hitting the “Quick Fold” button to change tables when they don’t – many in the online poker community speculated that an aggressive mindset might be optimal: “I’m trying it out just for kicks. Stealing seems extra profitable because a lot of the time the SB will have already quick folded. Also seems to be less people playing speculative hands, why play a suited connector when you can fold and pick up aces?”

Rush Poker stakes like $0.05/$0.10 and $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold’em have been mobbed with players. When the concept was first released two weeks ago, well over 1,000 players could be seen at many of the stakes, with the percentage of players to the flop ranging from 19% to 28%. The number of hands per hours at those tables registered an eye-popping 206 to 314, fueling the concept’s popularity.

Several of the world’s top-tier online poker players on also weighed in with their thoughts on Rush Poker. Monthly PLB winner and 34th player in the Online Poker Rankings siola chimed in, “Made like 9 bi’s at 100nl 2 tabling 6max and fr for about 30 minutes- pretty sick game.” Ninth-ranked poker player Jon apestyles Van Fleet joked, “Lol thread belongs in bad beats.” Everywhere you turned, players either loved the concept or hated it with a passion.

A poll posted on our sister site,, inquired, “What was your experience playing Full Tilt’s Rush Poker?” An overwhelming 52% of respondents said they have played the new variety of poker and loved it, while 23% said they hadn’t had a chance to check it out. “I played it, but wasn’t impressed” garnered 14% of the vote, while “I played it, but hated it” received 11%. You can tell that Rush Poker has ballooned in popularity.

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