Big Pots, Little Hands

The boys are at it again and we’ve finally reached the 11,000-hand mark of the 50,000-hand Durrrr Challenge. Even though Dan “JungleMan12” Cates has a huge lead, it’s not over by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s take a look at a few hands.

jungleman12 Hits a Set

BB – jungleman12 posts $400
SB – durrrr $200


durrrr raises to $1,200. jungleman12 3bets to $4,800. durrrr calls.

Flop: Ts Kd 2c (Pot = $9,600).

jungleman12 bets $5,200. durrrr raises to $14,800. jungleman12 calls.

Turn: 7h (Pot = $39,200)

jungleman12 checks. durrrr bets $13,400. jungleman12 calls.

River: 8c (Pot = 66,000)

jungleman12 checks. durrrr checks.

jungleman12 turns over Td Tc for Three of a Kind, Tens. durrrr shows 6d 7d for a Pair of Sevens.

jungleman12 wins $66,000.


With a pocket pair, the 3bet from Cates pre-flop was standard and durrrr flatting a wide 3bet range with a suited connector is also pretty standard. On the flop, durrrr totally whiffed, but that didn’t stop him from bluffing, as he raised hard on the flop. Cates did the wise thing and called because on this type of flop, the only hands that durrrr would be calling a 3bet with are pocket kings or aces, which are unlikely for durrrrr to be holding. On the turn, durrrr picked up third pair and JungleMan12 slow-played his set by check-calling. On the river, we presumably saw JungleMan12 do the same thing, only durrrr was wise enough to realize that he was way behind in the hand.

Wet Board Means No Action

BB – durrrr posts $400
SB – jungleman12 $200


jungleman12 min-raises to $800. durrrr calls.

Flop: Jc 4s As (Pot = $1,600)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 bets $1,200. durrrr raises to $4,400. jungleman12 calls.

Turn: Qc (Pot = $10,400)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 bets $7,400. durrrr calls.

River: Kc (Pot = $25,200)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 checks.

durrrr turns over Ts Qd for a Straight. jungleman12 shows 5d 2h for Ace High.

durrrr wins $25,200.


Although this wasn’t a huge hand, we’re beginning to see durrrr slow down a bit and not throttle JungleMan12 like we have seen him do to other opponents. This time, he didn’t give Cates much credit on the flop, as we saw him semi-bluff check-raiese with nothing more than a gutshot. durrrr hit second pair on the turn, which he played rather passively because of the extremely wet board texture. It was more than reasonable to think that Cates had some sort of A-X hand or two pair, if not better.

Big Pot, Little Hands

BB – durrrr posts $400
SB – jungleman12 $200


jungleman12 min-raises to $800. durrrr 3bets to $2,400. jungleman12 calls.

Flop: 5s 9d 8h (Pot = $4,800)

durrrr bets $3,200. jungleman12 raises to $8,000. durrrr calls.

Turn: 4d (Pot = $22,400)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 bets $18,400. durrrr calls.

River: 9c (Pot = $59,200)

durrrr checks. jungleman12 checks.

durrrr shows 8d 6d for Two Pair, Nines and Eights. jungleman12 shows 7s Js for a Pair of Nines.

durrrr wins $59,200.

We’re beginning to see a pattern here, with JungleMan12 min-raising a marginal pre-flop hand. With suited one-gappers, durrrr makes a 3bet, which is called. On the flop, we see JungleMan12 raise Dwan’s continuation bet with a gutshot straight draw, backdoor flush draw, and an overcard; durrrr flatted it with second pair, a gutshot straight draw, and a backdoor flush draw. On the turn, durrrr didn’t believe Cates’ bet and gained equity to boot when the four fell. At the river, the board paired and, at this point, both players slowed down and checked. Chances are good that if Cates had bet on the river, he would have been called.

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