Durrrr Challenge Part 1 Recap: 3 Years Later

So the future of both parts one and two of the Durrrr Challenge is a bit of a mystery, though the end of part one will likely never see the light of day. As it is now, in part one, Tom Dwan vs. Patrik Antonius, the current leader in the challenge is Dwan, who is up by just over $2 million. They’ve completed 39,436 of the necessary 50,000 hands that are required to complete the challenge. The two pro poker players started this challenge in February of 2009. The status of the challenge is inactive right now, meaning they have all but given up, and it is very unlikely the remaining 10,564 hands will ever be played.

Looking for some action, Dwan first presented this challenge to anyone who was willing to go up against him, except Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Dwan’s friend, whom he did not want to play against. Because many players were avoiding “durrr” in heads up games, he wanted to entice them to step up.

The terms of the challenge, written by Dwan, stated a minimum of four tables must be played simultaneously, and a minimum of 50,000 hands must be completed. Also, the blinds would start at $200/$400, minimum, and the challenger would choose the game—No Limit Hold ‘em or Pot Limit Omaha. And finally, if either player drops below 75 BBs, he must reload.

The winner of the challenge would be determined once the 50,000 hands were carried out. If Dwan was up more than one dollar, the opponent would pay Dwan $500,000, as well as any cash he won throughout the challenge. One the other hand, if the challenger was up more than $1, Dwan would have to pay him $1.5 million plus any other cash won during the challenge.

When Dwan originally issued the challenge, it was accepted by Antonius, Phil Ivey, and David Benyamine. No advances have been made by the latter two to carry out the Durrrr Challenge, and it is likely that there never will be.

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