Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere

But durrrr and Patrik have somewhat disappeared. While they’ve both been spotted on and around the Full Tilt Poker felts over the last few days, there hasn’t been a hint of action at the Durrrr Challenge tables. Some of the 500/1000 NLHE/PLHE/PLO tables have seen quite a bit of action lately. In addition, the following chat was spotted on one of the high stakes tables:

Urindanger: fullflush
Urindanger: you want to play me at HA HU?
Urindanger: 500/1000 or 3/6
__FullFlush1__: nah but we can go nl 200 400 as many tables as you want
durrrr: is that open to me too?
__FullFlush1__: cork it durrballs
durrrr: .
Urindanger: play durrrrr first fullflush
__FullFlush1__: lol why is durr your god ?
Urindanger: he’s my friend.
Urindanger: i’m doing him a favor, give him first dibs on your $&#
durrrr: i could use the free $$
durrrr: running bad lately
durrrr: ty in advance flushy
__FullFlush1__: lul durr what an awkward little genuis your are

We have a couple comments. First, FullFlush is hilarious. Second, durrrr DID state that he could use the free money. Obviously it’s hard for us here at Durrrr Challenge to speculate, but durrrr’s accountant did make an appearance on 2+2:

durrrr's accountant

Just the fact that durrrr’s accountant is finally making appearances on 2+2 is obviously an indicator of possible online bankroll problems. However, without confirmation from durrrr himself, it’s impossible to say. At this point, it’s still much more likely that the players are taking a break either due to schedule conflicts or due to durrrr’s mindset after his large loss to Phil Ivey on Monday Feb 23rd.

Stay tuned for more info on the challenge. You can also subscribe to our Twitter or YouTube accounts for even more updates. The YouTube account has video of all of the top pots in the challenge thus far — along with some sweet soundtracks and annotations (well, some of them).

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