Durrrr Dispatched By Hansen In WSOP Heads Up Championship

We now know the final four for the WSOP Heads Up Championship, and despite a solid performance Tom Dwan isn’t among them. Dwan was eliminated by current fan favorite Gus Hansen at midnight of the second day, falling just one spot short of the top eight and the quarterfinals.

In Day 1, durrrr took down Peter Jetten and then Bryn Kenney with very little effort or drama. Dwan also eliminated his first Day 2 opponent, Ashton Griffin. His match-up against Hansen was hailed as the feature face-off for Day 2 and dragged on until midnight. Dwan was a good sport about the loss, but apparently only because he’d already scraped some extra money off Jason Mercier via prop bets he’d made for his match against Griffin.

For ninth place, Dwan earned the minimum payout of $67,436. Had he held on for one more round, he would have been guaranteed the quarterfinals payout of $138,852. The top four – Jake Cody, Eric Froehlich, Gus Hansen and Yevgeniy Timoshenko – will each earn at least $283,966 while the runner up will net $525,980 and the Heads Up Champion will take home the top prize of $851,192.

Though the Heads Up Championship continues on without him, Dwan has since entered and been eliminated from two more events – Event #5: $1500 Seven Card Stud and Event #6: $1500 Limit Hold’em – but as of this afternoon he was still pretty optimistic about his chances in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em event that starts tonight. While we probably won’t see him laying down anything more than the Heads Up Championship’s $25,000 entry fee this year, Dwan is one of 15 players that’s already committed to playing the World Series of Poker’s new $1 million buy in NLHE Super High Roller event which is slated to make its first appearance on the 2012 WSOP schedule.

Thus far durrrr has played in more than 50% of the 2011 WSOP’s events. While scheduling conflicts and an absence in the middle of the tournament are likely to reduce that percentage, it’s clear that Dwan is serious about picking up his first WSOP bracelet (and all the prop bets he’s likely made on that occasion) this year. His win percentage is still at 0% with a cash percentage of 33%, but with 51 bracelet events still on the schedule he’s got plenty of chances ahead of him.

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