Durrrr Hits Runner-Runner for $90,000

It’s not easy to bank $90,000, unless you’re Tom “durrrr” Dwan of course. In a recent hand between Dwan and Durrrr Challenge opponent Dan “JungleMan12” Cates, Dwan scooped a $90,000 pot after hitting a miracle runner-runner flush. After raising pre-flop to $1,200 with 8-2 of hearts, Dwan called a $4,000 3bet from Cates. The flop came 6-A-Q rainbow and Cates led out for $4,400, or about half of the pot. Dwan pushed the price of poker to $11,700, and Cates called behind.

The turn brought a second heart onboard and both players checked to a third heart on the river. Cates once again checked, Dwan pushed all-in for nearly $30,000, and Cates called, only to muck after seeing Dwan’s flush. DurrrrChallenge.com sat down with PokerXFactor instructor Chris “Fox” Wallace to break down this intriguing hand and speculate as to what Cates may have held.

DurrrrChallenge.com: Why does Dwan put in a raise on the flop with air after just calling Cates’ 3bet before the flop?

Chris Wallace: Dwan thinks that Cates may have a wired pair or two big cards. If Cates has a pocket pair, it’s unlikely he flopped a set on this board. When Cates just calls Dwan’s raise on the flop, Dwan thinks he has an ace or isn’t folding his hand. I’m going to raise or fold that flop if I’m Cates, however, instead of just calling; I’d maybe flat with a set. Dwan checks behind on the turn because he’s not expecting a fold and he has a very well disguised hand. If he hits a flush on the river, he’s going to get paid off every time.

DurrrrChallenge.com: We’ll put you on the spot. What does Cates have in this hand?

Chris Wallace: I think Cates has an ace. If Cates shoves over the top of Dwan’s raise on the flop, Dwan is going to fold, so it doesn’t do him that much good. That would be the theory behind flatting with a hand like A-10.

DurrrrChallenge.com: If Cates has an ace, why doesn’t he bet for value on the river instead of checking?

Chris Wallace: If he has an ace, he has to check on the river. If he bets, only a hand that can beat an ace will call. He won’t get a call given the way the hand played out unless he’s beat, so it doesn’t make any sense to bet.

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