Dwan Takes Down Nergård in Macau

After re-joining Macau’s Big Game, Tom “durrrr” Dwan sat down and right off the bat won a $3.6 million HKD (about US$465K) on his first hand. The blinds at this massive cash game were at HK$5K/10K, which equates to US$650/1,300. Other poker pros in on the action included Andrew Feldman and Alec “traheho” Torelli, but this is really a story about Dwan and Norway’s Ole-Kristian Nergård, an 19-year-old millionaire who inherited his dad’s $30 million fishing business share.

In this particular hand, Dwan held 8/7 in the hole and called Nergård’s Q/J under the gun raise, followed by a check-raise by Dwan on the T/9/6 flop. Nergård then called Dwan’s HK$1.5 million shove. Fortunately for Dwan, Nergård’s hand did not hold up, and he later tweeted, “meh should have went to bali yesterday. Played 5k/10k with 20k mandatory straddle. lost a 3,6 mill pot v durrrr the first hand he sits down.”

The turn produced an A, but Andrew Feldman complicated things, convincing Nergård that he had folded the higher straight when Feldman said he felt certain that an 8, not a 7, was dealt on the river, which would have given Nergård the winning hand. Nergård then said he was “so tilted by mucking the winning hand in his biggest ever live pot that he’s going to bunjee jump without the cord.”

In hindsight however, Nergård changed his tune. He later tweeted, “Its not confirmed that the river was an 8. On that kind of board it would be hard for me to misread the river, cuz im looking for 2 cards…hehe I dnt give a fk. Lost biggest pot and u just keep needling me to death, saying anything to tilt me. Not cool anymore.”

After a very good February in which Nergård doesn’t remember having one losing session for the whole month, he says he’s losing interest in Macau and is looking forward to EPT Madrid, which he will participate in from March 12 through 17. As for his hang up on losing his biggest pot, his poker skill set and young age all but guarantee that it won’t be his biggest pot for long.

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