Natives Getting Restless in Durrrr Challenge

To say that the natives are getting restless for the resumption of the Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge between “durrrr” and Dan “JungleMan12” Cates is a severe understatement. Recently, a thread popped up on TwoPlusTwo entitled “Will Durrrr ever finish a challenge?” In it, players vented at the lack of finality by Dwan in his matches against Cates and Patrik Antonius, the latter of which is approaching the two-year mark.

The original poster in the thread lamented, “It’s ridiculous that [Dwan] constantly claims to have played billions of trillions of hands, yet can’t get 50k done. Antonius’ challenge is well over a year now.” One responder, however, filed back by saying, “Because Durrrr is doing these challenges for himself and not for the railtards, he’s going to decide when he’ll play. Get over it.”

Dwan has been deathly silent on Twitter and last reported to his peeps back on October 14th. Then, he had just left Morocco, but the journey was not without its difficulties. He chirped, “Had a plane mishap on the way back from Marrakech where we thought we booked two and actually had zero… Morocco was sweet tho.”

Meanwhile, Cates has been silent on Twitter since October 18th. Then, he was returning to Maryland from a trip to Florida. The final night of his sojourn saw Cates hit up Chili’s with friends. On October 15th, 10 days after the most recent play in the Durrrr Challenge had occurred, Cates admitted, “Still don’t know when Durrrr Challenge happening.” He added an emoticon of a frown.

Here’s how Dwan currently stands against Antonius and Cates. He hasn’t faced off against Antonius since August 3rd, but is up over $2 million after 39,000 hands. Against Cates, Dwan has bled $657,000 through 7,600 hands. In either challenge, 50,000 hands are required for completion. Rumors of a buyout by Antonius have pervaded the online poker forums, but there has been no official word from Full Tilt about a deal.

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