No action on Tuesday

Well, it isn’t entirely true that there wasn’t any action. There just wasn’t any action in the durrrr challenge. There was, however, a ton of action on Full Tilt. Both Patrik and durrrr played in some of the high stakes games.

However, durrrr had a very unpleasant day due to a near $1 million dollar loss to Phil Ivey heads up. In a long session of $500/$1000 PLO, Ivey wrecked durrrr over and over ending with a $1 million plus stack. It’s unknown if this loss affects durrrr’s ability to play in the challenge. While it’s widely believed that durrrr’s poker bankroll exceeded the near $1 million that he lost, it is possible that it was the vast majority of his online bankroll. There is the possibility that he may need to either get a transfer or wire money in. This is, however, obviously speculation. It’s much more likely that the challenge didn’t continue simply because there were $500/$1000 mixed games running and durrrr did not feel like he would play his best after taking such a large loss.

We will continue to monitor the tables on Wednesday and we’ll post with more updates.

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