durrrr’s Day Two Graph: -191,690

Tom “durrrr” Dwan lost his early lead and a bit more in play spread across two sessions on Saturday. In the first session, durrrr took a quick $36,000 from Patrik over 100 or so hands. However, in the day’s second session — which consisted of 5 hours of play and around 1300 hands, Dwan dropped back about $230,000 — or about 5.75 buyins. Netted together, durrrr is now down $56,779 after three days, two sessions and almost 3,000 hands. However, given the stakes being played and the hands remaining, a $57k deficit is virtually meaningless. In fact, even a $500k deficit would not mean much at this point. That being said, here is a graph of durrrr’s day 2 action:

If play resumes on Sunday the 22nd, we’ll be back with more updates. We’re also working on getting some analysis of hands from top players.

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