No Challenge Play on Friday

Even though the durrrr challenge was expected to have its second day on play on Friday morning (EST), that plan fell through when durrrr’s new 500/1000 tables were running and Dwan chose to play on those instead. It appears that Antonius and Dwan expect to pick up the challenge in the early morning hours of Saturday February 21st. According to chat posted on, they will be starting at 5 or 6 AM. Here’s a copy of the chat:

durrrr: gg i gtg
durrrr: i forgot to give u warning i guess sry
durrrr: but i think we were evenish neway
Patrik Antonius: np i was about to quit soon as well
durrrr: kk cool
durrrr: if no games tomorrow, abt 5-6am my time wanna play
durrrr: im gonna be waking up late

It appears that durrrr is expecting to wake up mid-afternoon on Friday EST so he should be fresh and awake should the challenge resume at 5-6 AM Saturday morning. Dwan also stated that’s he’s currently in Boston. It’s believe that Antonius is still in Thailand. Thus far, the time difference has caused a number of scheduling problems and delays.

We’ll be posting more as information comes out and the challenge continues.

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