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Serious poker players are constantly seeking out new ways to amplify their knowledge of the game, whether it be curious minutiae or strategic essentials. is celebrating the Christmas holidays by expanding its content for real money poker players all over the world.

Scranton, Pennsylvania, December 2, 2011 – While the average population is trimming the tree, lighting the exterior of their home or out shopping for that perfect Christmas gift, the management team behind has been working tirelessly to expand its content offerings for the holiday season.

It is a statistical fact that the most serious poker players spend a great deal of their spare time seeking out new information pertaining to the game. Poker knowledge is obtained in various ways; through autobiographical books written by the most successful pro poker players or from sheer experience, but in today’s technological age, it is most often acquired over the internet.

Understanding this fact, has expanded its content at breakneck pace to ensure the continued edification of its devoted visitors. The site’s most recent inclusions range from historical facts and negative strategies to invaluable poker tools.

Falling into the category of interesting facts is a new segment defining Poker in the Wild West. Back in those days, a deck of cards looked nothing like it does today, consisting of only 20 cards, and everyone’s favorites at that—10 through Ace. Readers will discover just how the game evolved through the 19th century, the most popular card games of the time and how James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok’s infamous death around a poker table landed him in the poker hall of fame.

Another fascinating piece of poker history is how the game’s esteem has grown through the film industry. The progression of popularity surrounding poker can be linked directly to its presence in blockbuster movies ranging from The Cincinnati Kid (1965), to the Hollywood adaptation of Ian Fleming’s James Bond classic, Casino Royale (2006), and beyond. While most films are devised for entertainment purposes only, Poker Film History also provides a base of knowledge as a number of these cinematic creations are documentaries, unveiling the real experiences of professional poker players. has added two invaluable sections to its online poker guide that deal with vital mistakes made by under-experienced poker players. One deals with Myths and Misconceptions, such as the belief that the best poker player will win in the end, and why too many players disregard the mathematics of poker because they falsely assume it is too complicated. The other answers the vital question, Why you Lose at Poker, where readers gain an understanding of crucial moves that should be avoided at all cost.

The last addition to details imperative Poker Tools that can increase a player’s win percentage at the tables. These tools can range anywhere from educational reading materials to odds calculators and online poker tracking software that, over time, will pinpoint a players best and worst habits.

The world wide web took over as the top source of gathering information more than a decade ago. Since then, online poker guides now come a dime a dozen, but they all tend to offer the same lackluster details. was designed to be a different kind of poker guide, presenting a wealth of information regarding all aspects of the game. The team behind the site announced its launch just last month, but with these latest additions, it has already set a rapid pace of exponential growth that is grabbing the attention of serious poker players all over the world.

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