Seven Events Down, Durrrr Still Optimistic

Thus far, Tom Dwan has bought into eight events at the 2011 WSOP. He’s already out of seven of them, but that hasn’t affected the tone of his Tweets. When a fan asked how he’s been running, durrrr replied, “No bracelets yet… Working on it tho. Should have at least 2 by end of wk.” The same day, durrrr optimistically reported that Event #9: 2-7 Draw Lowball NL had only 275 entries, so he was planning on winning. A few hours later he announced that Brian Powell had sent him to the rail, but he was already on his way to the window to pay his way into Event #10: No Limit Hold’em Six Handed.

By Monday, Dwan was out of Event #10 too, but today he faced a totally different dilemma. Having entered and survived the early rounds of both Event #11: Omaha Hi-Low Split 8 or Better Championship and Event #12: Triple Chance No Limit Hold’em, Dwan faced a problem that’s become distinctly durrrr: which stack should he abandon once both events started running simultaneously? Ultimately, durrrr decided that his superior stack in Event #11 made it the better choice. We’re willing to bet its $10,000 entry fee might’ve had something to do with it, too.

Rumor has it that Dwan’s been hitting the Rio’s regular ring games when he’s not at a WSOP table. Unfortunately, he’s had about as much luck getting ahead there as he’s had getting a bracelet in the tournament. In other words, durrrr is gearing up to be one of the side games’ biggest casualties this year while Ashton Griffin’s netted the lion’s share of the big pots. Don’t feel too bad for durrrr just yet, though. We’ve done the math, and his 2011 WSOP entries to date total $52,500. That still leaves him about $15,000 ahead with what he won from his cash in the Heads Up Championship.

Apart from the continued absence of a bracelet, Dwan has also been taking some flak for his continued support of sponsor Full Tilt Poker. Everyone from Randy Dorfman to durrrr’s pal and frequent opponent Daniel Negreanu has criticized the players that continue to sport FTP gear. Negreanu was quoted as saying, “I couldn’t walk these halls with a patch on for a company that is keeping people on the rail.” Dorfman was even less diplomatic, Tweeting “Disgusting to see some of the so called pros still wearing FULL TILT patches and hats at the WSOP.” It’s unclear if any statements have been made directly to Dwan. His recent vow to donate all his FTP funds to affected players should the payouts never appear makes him a hard target, but who knows what kind of funds he’ll have left if he continues to compete (and not cash) in every WSOP event.

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