Third Session Ends, Antonius Pulls Ahead

Around 9 PM EST after a five hour third session, durrrr and Antonius called it quits for the day. Antonius had earlier claimed that he was going to sleep much earlier, but he evidently wanted to keep playing and so he stayed up even when he was quite tired. This chat occurred just after the session ended:

Patrik Antonius: im done
durrrr: nice win, gg
durrrr: wanna try to play tomorrow?
Patrik Antonius: ty gg
Patrik Antonius: i’ll sleep maybe 12 hours now
durrrr: im goin out tonight
Patrik Antonius: y i wanna play everyday when theres nothing else going on
durrrr: so probly wont wanna play until like idk noonish tomorrow
durrrr: 15hrs or w/e id guess
Patrik Antonius: cu tomorrow
durrrr: but if i drink too much
durrrr: then no game
durrrr: lol
Patrik Antonius: lol
durrrr: we’ll c, cya
durrrr: u won lik
durrrr: 228ish
durrrr: i think
durrrr: ya 228351.5 i think
Patrik Antonius: yup
durrrr: so yer up 55ish or so i think
durrrr: overall
Patrik Antonius: are full tilt tracking all this?
durrrr: ya
durrrr: go to promotions
Patrik Antonius: good
durrrr: they have a sight
durrrr: hsdb is too
Patrik Antonius: gn
durrrr: n im chking to make sure #s are close
durrrr: err site*
durrrr: + paid a few random 2p2ers to keep track
Patrik Antonius: y better to keep track as well
durrrr: so we’ll kno if ne1 messes up
Patrik Antonius: i better go now
durrrr: gn
durrrr: so we’ll kno if ne1 messes up

Therefore, it appears that Patrik has taken the lead after 2,921 hands (50,000 total to be played) with around $56,779 in winnings. After the second session, durrrr was up around $171k, so Patrik was able to pull out a $228k win over this 5 hour-long third session. This represents the biggest single session win of the challenge thus far.

This is the graph of the action so far, as posted by Full Tilt Poker:

It’s possible we’ll see some more action tomorrow, so stay tuned. There are still around 47,000 hands to go.

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