Trickett Wins Big at Macau’s Big Game

Big news comes from Macau’s Big Game that has been going on this week in China. Gus Hansen, who won about $3.8 million, and Sam Trickett, who $2.3 million at Macau’s StarWorld Poker King Club earlier this year, only to lose substantially in Macau thereafter, have both been experiencing a financial upswing this week.

This week though, Hansen said, “I have just sat at the table for my first session and apart from a local talent, we have a lot of well known high-stakes names, among others, Sam Trickett and Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan.”

Hansen says he won a HK$4 million pot, about $515K in US$, before giving some up to Dwan on a HK$1.7 million river-bluff. Dwan made the call and earned Hansen’s chips.

Meanwhile, Trickett, was not doing so bad himself. He tweeted: “Been playing for 12 hours now,Just won my biggest pot ever….. :)” and soon after, he tweeted again, “Ill do a blog about it instead! more fun!! biiiig pot tho…,” and finally, “1st time i have been on the right end of a massive pot all year…”

While Trickett failed to disclose the pot size, he did win a US$2.5 million pot last time he was in Macau, and the biggest pot this week was worth HK$30 million (US$3.8+ million), so this one has to be a substantially large amount, which isn’t surprising, as the Macau Big game has been said to feature pots at least four to five times bigger than typically pots in Vegas.

Trickett will likely fill in the blanks when he gets back to his blog, but in the meantime, we will have to wait for more news from Macau.

Twenty-five-year-old Trickett is from Nottingham and is one of the most consistent winners in the UK, winning six-figure sums in only a couple days playing in high-stakes cash games in the UK.

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