What Does Patrik Antonius Have?

During the May 12th installment of the Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge, we saw one of the first sizable pots that did not involve an all-in after the flop. Instead, a bet and call on the river shipped $120,000 to Tom “durrrr” Dwan; Patrik Antonius did us the honor of mucking. We’d like to invite you sit down with DurrrrChallenge.com as we investigate what hand Antonius held.

Antonius made it $1,200 pre-flop, Dwan pushed the action to $3,600, and Antonius called. The flop came 6-J-7 with two spades and Dwan led out for $4,800. Antonius made the call and the turn came the nine of diamonds. Dwan check-called a $14,400 bet from his opponent and the river brought the king of spades. Dwan bet $37,200 and Antonius just called. The youngster flipped up 3h Ts As Ac for the nut flush, while Antonius mucked, leaving us all wondering what he might have held. DurrrrChallenge.com sat down with PokerXFactor’s own Chris “Fox” Wallace to understand the hand.

DurrrrChallenge.com: All of our readers want to know: What does Antonius have?

Wallace: From what we’ve seen so far in this Challenge, the betting on the flop makes it seem like Antonius doesn’t have a monster hand. If he had a big draw, Antonius would have raised the flop, so it’s either a small draw or small made hand and even the latter probably raises there. When Durrrr just calls the turn bet, it tells you that he has a hand that can beat a straight. My guess is that Antonius probably has a straight here. The river brings in straight and flush draws, so Antonius can’t raise Dwan’s $37,200 bet. Antonius probably has a straight and it’s also possible that he has a smaller flush or a set.

DurrrrChallenge.com: If Dwan played this hand like he has a flush, then why even call the river bet?

Wallace: Antonius knows that Durrrr can bet with anything. That’s the advantage of his crazy aggressive style. When you play like that, you get paid off when you have a hand. Durrrr would also bet like that if he had two pair or a set. You can’t fold in that situation every time because your opponent will start betting on the river with anything. You also can’t call every time or you’ll keep calling down the nuts.

Antonius is getting 2.5:1 on his money, so it’s hard to get away from that. It’s easy to fold every time you think you’re beat. I learned in Limit Hold’em that if you start to make those folds every time, you learn not to be attached to hands, but you also lose an edge against opponents who start betting every river.

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