A Harmless Deuce?

In a $140,000 pot that occurred during the massive 2,000 hand session on April 8th, Dwan made it $600 pre-flop, Antonius raised to $3,600, and Dwan called. The flop came 2-Q-6 with two spades and Antonius promptly bet $5,600, which was called by Durrrr. The turn came the ten of clubs. Antonius bet pot ($18,400) and Dwan called behind. The river came the deuce of hearts. Antonius bet $41,600 into the $55,200 pot and Dwan once again called. Antonius exposed 6-5-3-6 for a boat and Dwan mucked.

So what happened in this hand? DurrrrChallenge.com sought the expert advice of Chris “Fox” Wallace, an instructor at PokerXFactor.com, to learn more.

DurrrrChallenge.com: Tell us the thought process of Dwan and Antonius before the river.

Wallace: The two spades on the flop probably got Antonius his call because it looked like he could be on a spade draw, possibly a spade draw that picked up a straight redraw on the turn.

DC: The deuce on the river pairs the board. However, what is its significance?

Wallace: Every draw in the world missed with that deuce and against an aggressive player, you have to call down there with a hand like A-A, K-K or Q-10. Dwan is known as the more aggressive player, but Antonius is aggressive too and could very well be bluffing a busted draw there, so Dwan has to call him down.

Any hand below Q-T cannot beat a bluff and would fold anyway, while anything above A-A would have meant a bigger full house. The Q-2 is possible, but not likely given that it makes a bad starting hand to have a two and a queen in Omaha. Instead, Dwan would have been more aggressive on the turn to punish those draws with a hand like Q-2.

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