A little about DurrrrChallenge.com

The people behind Durrrr Challenge are the same people who bring you daily poker news over at Poker News Daily. Instead of posting daily updates about this incredible challenge over at PND, we’ve instead decided to set up this “mini site” as a skinned version of Poker News Daily and we will devote this site 100% to coverage of the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge.

We have a group of six or seven online poker players and writers assembled to cover the challenge. We’re going to do our best to keep up with all of the action as it plays out over the coming months. This site will stay up as long as the challenge is on-going. Our main goal is to provide interviews, hand analysis, challenge updates and hopefully some rich media such as video and audio — and it will all be about the Durrrr Challenge.

Stayed tuned, this is only getting started!

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