Durrrr Challenge Featuring JungleMan12 to Begin This Week?

In breaking news from the virtual felts of Full Tilt, it appears that the next installment of the Durrrr Challenge, which is purportedly set to feature Tom “durrrr” Dwan against Daniel “JungleMan12” Cates, may begin as early as this week. However, Full Tilt Poker, which hosts the Durrrr Challenge tables, has remained completely mum about a new challenger.

In a chat that appeared on Monday on a Full Tilt table between Dwan and Cates that was posted on HighStakesDB, the latter said he shipped $500,000 to Phil Ivey, the challenge’s escrow. Dwan began the trash talking in earnest, telling Cates, “I can start talking &&%% since we’re booked and say that it’s cute u think u’ll ever have an edge.” Dwan ended his sentence with a smiley face and added, “lmk if u wanna play, if not we’ll start in a few days.”

We’re writing this article on Tuesday and have yet to hear anything official from CardRunners – where Cates is an instructor – or Full Tilt. According to PokerTableRatings.com, Cates has banked $786,000 off Dwan in a span of a little more than 13,000 tracked hands. Dwan is his “Best Friend” on PokerTableRatings.com, the player he’s made the most money off on the virtual felts.

After 39,436 hands of the ongoing Durrrr Challenge, Dwan leads by $2.06 million. Although the lead seems insurmountable for Patrik Antonius, the pair has wagered over $340 million combined, so plenty of money could change hands down the stretch. If Dwan ends up $1 or more after 50,000 hands, he’ll collect $500,000 from Antonius. If the Fin is up $1 or more after 50,000 hands, then Dwan will ship $1.5 million after laying 3:1 odds.

Of the 10 largest pots in the Durrrr Challenge between Dwan and Antonius, the latter has scooped just three. However, Antonius took down the largest pot of the challenge thus far for a massive $477,000 haul. Four pots have eclipsed $300,000, while two have passed the $400,000 plateau.

As far as the response from Full Tilt goes, one poster on TwoPlusTwo explained that a lot of lead time might not necessary to run the Durrrr Challenge: “Back when durrrr was playing martonas HU he asked support or something for new tables and he got them in like 15 minutes or something. He wasn’t even a pro back then. So if Jungle and Tom feel like playing, it doesn’t really matter if the tables are there.”

Rest assured that when and if Cates and Dwan begin playing, we’ll have full coverage right here on DurrrrChallenge.com.

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