Patrik Antonius Appears on Face the Ace

In the final episode of the NBC poker franchise “Face the Ace,” Durrrr Challenge participant Patrik Antonius took center stage. In poker’s version of the United Nations, Antonius, a Fin now living in Monte Carlo, played heads-up against French native Nico Mamy, whose wife taught him the ropes of poker. Antonius was Mamy’s $40,000 “ace.”

Only a few hands of the encounter were shown. Each player began with a starting stack of 20,000 and blinds started at 200-400. Antonius showed his familiar aggressive spirit throughout much of the action, including raising to 1,200 pre-flop with 10-3 and receiving a call from Mamy, who held A-5 of diamonds. The flop came J-J-6, Antonius fired out a continuation bet of 2,000, and Mamy mucked.

The Million Dollar Challenge personality recorded a suckout after checking his option pre-flop with J-6 against Mamy’s K-10. The flop came 3-5-10, giving Mamy top pair, and the challenger called a bet of 400 from Antonius. The turn was a deuce and the action went check-check to a jack on the river, giving Antonius top pair. He led out for 1,100 and Mamy called, seeing that he had been three-outed.

In a key hand, Mamy raised to 1,100 with A-K, including the ace of diamonds, and Antonius called with Q-10, including the 10 of diamonds. The flop came 2-9-8 with two diamonds and Antonius bet 2,000. Mamy called and the seven of diamonds came on the turn, putting three of the suit on the board. The action went check-check to the river, which gave both players a flush. Holding a 10-high flush, Antonius bet 5,000 and, with the nuts, Mamy shoved for 9,500. Antonius called the extra 4,500, doubling up the challenger.

It was then only a matter of time before Antonius committed his chips to try to double up. He raised to 3,100 pre-flop with A-8 and Mamy shoved over the top with pocket sixes. Antonius called with his “Face the Ace” life on the line and the flop came K-J-2. Antonius needed an ace, eight, or running cards for a straight, but instead watched as the turn and river both came nines. Mamy banked $40,000 before losing his second round match to Full Tilt Poker pro Mike “The Mouth” Matusow.

“Face the Ace” was largely a bust, as reticent Full Tilt pros like Phil Ivey and Allen Cunningham created several awkward on-air moments. The poker game show’s main competitor, the “ Million Dollar Challenge,” triumphed from a ratings standpoint, as gabby poker pro Daniel Negreanu served as the show’s main personality. In the end, 9/11 first responder Mike Kosowski defeated Negreanu heads-up on the “Million Dollar Challenge” to earn $1 million.

One of the finalists of the “Million Dollar Challenge,” liquor salesman Brian Barboza, finished in the money in the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas, earning $15,000 plus memories to last a lifetime. “Face the Ace” aired on NBC, while its PokerStars counterpart appeared on FOX. Both shows have completed their first seasons.

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