Ken Coppens (wandigo) on Tom Dwan

While at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, Ken “wandigo” Coppens sat down and watched Tom “durrrr” Dwan play online. He told that Dwan “seemed to know where he was every time he played a hand, making sick value bets with K-K on an Ace-high board on the river and getting called by worse hands.”

Dwan’s experience and stellar poker skills have led him to become one of the most feared cash game players in the world. Coppens commented on what makes Dwan well-respected among his peers: “He plays so many pots very aggressively, so you never know when he actually has it. He puts so much pressure on people that they just can’t play back at him because when they finally do, he knows they’re making a play and he’ll come back over the top.”

Dwan is up $134,000 heading into the second round of play, which is expected to occur on Saturday. Stay tuned to for the latest from the Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge.

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