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  • US Friendly Poker Site
  • Credit Card Deposits
  • Accepts eCheck
  • Sportsbook & Casino
  • 100%
  • Accepted
  • Yes
  • 2001

  • Top-Notch Software
  • eChecks for Canadians
  • Free Money Offers
  • Tournament Overlays
  • 100%
  • Not Accepted
  • Yes
  • 2000

Please note that the article below is outdated, and no longer relevant.

Are you kidding us- do you really think we would recommend the world’s hottest poker room for residents within the United States if it was not legal? When you register at Lock Poker for the first time, we can absolutely guarantee that you will be accepted without any hassles. The reason we know this is because we happen to know the mad geniuses behind the Lock Poker domain and we personally know that they go out of their way to stay in compliance with all the US laws.

Judging our Friends at Lock Poker

Now we know what you’re thinking; we’re just saying that because they’re our friends or something, right? Look, maybe you’ve been stuck in a time capsule or something over the past few years but we do not recommend friends under any circumstances. If there’s even the slightest chance that the FBI will kick in their door or the DOJ will seize their assets, we want nothing to do with them. Our job is to review poker websites, and stick to the cream of the crop, in terms of honesty and long standing potential.

Why Lock Poker Gets Our Acceptance

You’re probably wondering why Lock Poker can accept you as a player where other poker rooms can not, and the answer is actually pretty darn silly if you ask us. The laws in the US forbid any online casino or poker room from taking money transfers directly from the banking system, yet nine out of ten poker sites that you come across still do it. Sure, there are plenty of online poker rooms that you can sign up at right now, and since you’re the betting type we’d like to place a wager with you right here and now- The United States government will shut down those other poker sites that ignore the banking laws too.

Playing at Lock Poker

Now, we don’t want for you to get the wrong idea, we definitely would not recommend any poker room simply because they are legal. Our staff has logged thousands of hours at the Lock Poker website and we are here to tell you that the overall play is excellent; the tournaments are fast paced and exciting, the table play is great, and their customer service is the best we’ve seen in this industry over the past few years. Throw in great deposit bonuses and one of the best VIP programs in the net, and you’ll start to see why Lock Poker is the best poker room in cyberspace.

Lock Poker Accepts You

Now that you know Lock Poker is one of the best online poker rooms to ever be available to US customers, it should come as a comfort knowing that you have a 100% chance of being accepted as one of their players. No matter where you live or what you’ve read in the newspapers, as long as your state allows online gambling (there are nine US states that forbid it) then it’s time to log in and play some poker.