Tom Dwan Gets Political

On Tuesday, poker players from across the United States headed to the polls for midterm elections. In Nevada, a hotly contested Senate race featured incumbent Harry Reid, a Democrat, facing off against Sharron Angle, a Republican. In a race that was called late Tuesday night, Reid, the reigning Senate Majority Leader, garnered 50% of the vote for the win; Angle could only muster 45%.

What on Earth does this have to do with the Durrrr Challenge, you ask? Why are we talking about politics on a poker site? Tom “durrrr” Dwan, our favorite protagonist, got political on Twitter by weighing in on the two challengers for the open Senate seat in Nevada. In fact, it’s potentially the busiest that the youngster from New Jersey has ever been on the social networking site.

Dwan Tweeted, “Sharron Angle’s against a lot of things, including education and poker players. Either vote against her or stay home.” He added, “@harryreid good for poker players (although tbh I don’t know much of his other policies).” The Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the main lobbying voice for poker players in the United States, threw its full weight, as well as considerable resources, behind Reid’s reelection campaign.

Another Twitter user then called Dwan out for his love of Reid. Dwan responded with two Tweets that read, “Don’t know enough about either of their policies tbh to say who I like for sure overall, but I’ve heard a few crazy Sharron Angle stories and no Reid ones. Also Angle is anti-poker, Reid is pro-poker. I’m not registered in Nevada, and not up to speed politically.” We’re assuming that Dwan is registered in New Jersey.

Instead of resuming the second incarnation of the Durrrr Challenge, which has been idle for a month, Dwan and Dan “JungleMan12” Cates were away from the tables. While Dwan was busy stirring up the political pot, Cates made trips to New Orleans and Orlando. On his way to the former, he Tweeted, “About to go on a plane to New Orleans, I’ve heard good things about this place.”

Stay tuned to for the latest antics of Dwan and Cates.

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