Viktor Blom Blows Up on WSOP Europe Coverage

If you had a chance to check out ESPN’s coverage of the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe Main Event over the weekend, then you saw Viktor Blom, the man many purport to be the legendary Isildur1, put in a failed bluff against Ian Munns. Our two favorite Durrrr Challenge participants, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius, may have tangled with Blom in the past on the virtual felts of Full Tilt Poker if indeed he is Isildur1.

In the buzz-worthy hand that unfolded at the Casino at the Empire in London, Blom raised to 3,000 pre-flop with K-2 of diamonds and Munns made it 9,000 with A-7. Blom called and the flop came A-A-3, giving Munns trips and Blom squadoosh. Blom checked, Munns bet 9,000, Blom raised it up to 58,000, Munns bumped it to 116,000, and, rather than folding, Blom shoved all-in for 231,000. Munns tanked, perhaps thinking that Blom’s kicker was higher than a seven, elected to call anyway and was a 96% favorite to take down the pot. A ten on the turn left Blom drawing dead on the river.

Blom, a young tyke, showed off the hyper-aggression that we’ve come to expect from Isildur1 and in the Durrrr Challenge. Munns became the chip leader in London as a result of inheriting Blom’s stack and the rest of the table, which included Antonio Esfandiari, had a good laugh at Blom’s expense. Blom, who remained calm throughout the entire ordeal, quietly got up and departed the table, barely saying a word to Munns or any of his opponents.

Online, Dwan has donated $5.5 million lifetime to Isildur1’s bankroll, while Antonius has taken $2.9 million off the mystery Swede. Here’s how Isildur1’s top five “Best Friends” and “Worst Enemies” stack up, based on the amount of money won or lost from each player:

Best Friends:
1. durrrr: +$5,469,543.90
2. David Benyamine: +$560,541.00
3. jungleman12: +$478,043.95
4. Haseeb Qureshi: +$452,688.75
5. UgotaBanana: +$293,897.75

Worst Enemies:
1. Brian Hastings: ($3,841,151.95)
2. Phil Ivey: ($2,910,133.50)
3. Patrik Antonius: ($2,181,212.00)
4. Brian Townsend: ($1,571,392.75)
5. Cole South: ($210,186.50)

Blom told Bluff Europe in December that he is not the man of the hour. Stay tuned to for the latest high-stakes poker news.

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