Where in the World is Patrik Antonius?

You might think that the Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge is taking place between two competitors near each other on the globe. However, you’d be completely off-base. In fact, Patrik Antonius, Dwan’s first opponent, is currently on vacation in Thailand, according to his management company, Poker Royalty.

The two players are about 15 hours apart, which makes scheduling for the contest quite a chore. Dwan made the most of this time difference during the first round of action, posting a win of $134,000. Remember, all Dwan needs to do is win $1 after 50,000 hands and he will emerge as the winner, $500,000 richer for his efforts.

There have been 1,541 hands completed, or 3%. A total of $7.5 million has been wagered by the two combatants so far and when Antonius will return from Thailand is not known. What’s certain is that we’ll bring you the latest news from the Tom Dwan Million Dollar Challenge right here on durrrrchallenge.com.

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