Fox Links Beef Jerky Wild Card Hand

In the September 4th installment of the Durrrr Challenge, Patrik Antonius and Tom “durrrr” Dwan battled for about 90 minutes. One pot was worth a rousing $90,000, but no showdown occurred, leaving us here at wondering what each player had. In a similar setup to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Wild Card Hand that you see every Tuesday night, we speculate on what each player had.

In the hand in question, Antonius raised to $1,200 pre-flop and Dwan made it $3,600. Antonius flat called the extra $2,400 and the flop came K-Q-8, all diamonds. Dwan bet $4,400 and Antonius made the call to see the jack of spades hit the turn. Dwan bet out $11,200, Antonius raised it up to $37,600, Dwan made it $128,800, and Antonius folded. The pot was worth just over $91,000. sat down with PokerXFactor instructor Chris “Fox” Wallace to get his take on what Dwan and Antoinius may have held. So what do you think? What did each player have?

Wallace: Antonius flopped a big wrap straight draw or two pair. If he had a set, he would have wanted to see the river to see if he’d get a full house. On the turn, Antonius wanted to see if Durrrr had a straight or flush and Durrrr came over the top. Antonius dumped his hand when the jack fell if he has two pair. I think Antonius has 9-10-J-A or something close to that and flopped a big wrap straight. His straight may have come in on the turn, but he tried to see if it was good. When Durrrr bets $130,000, he knows it’s not. You’re giving Dwan credit for a flush, then, but we’ve seen him be aggressive with air as well.

Wallace: Durrrr doesn’t ever slow down. If you don’t play your big and small hands the same way, then you’re readable. If you’re going to be as aggressive as Durrrr is, you have to be that way all the time. In this case, Durrrr does not want to let Antonius see the river for free. Durrrr is just protecting his hand and making sure his opponent doesn’t get away from it super cheap. If Antonius has something like K-Q-10-9, Durrrr would much rather have him put all of his money in.

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