Sammy George Takes Up Tom Dwan on Million Dollar Challenge

Next month, Sammy “Any Two” George will face off against Tom “durrrr” Dwan in a live version of the Million Dollar Challenge to be held in London. Currently, Dwan is battling Patrik Antonius online in the Durrrr Challenge, although there hasn’t been any action in two months.

George is a London cash game veteran who has achieved success against the top European players in competitions like Poker Million. George commented on Dwan’s current competition in the Million Dollar Challenge in an article that appeared on Matchroom Sport’s website: “My message to Tom is – paper cannot wrap up a fire. With Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius, you are talking about guys I rate quite highly. Guys like Durrrr to me are normal, you know, they’re nothing special.” Ivey and David Benyamine were also scheduled to compete against Dwan online, although the youngster’s match against Antonius is just 40% of the way through after starting six months ago. Currently, Dwan holds a $726,000 edge.

A total of 500 hands will be played between George and Dwan in London next month, with blinds at $500/$1,000. No player is allowed to leave the tables until 500 hands have been completed or someone is broke, whichever comes first. Dwan is scheduled to play four of poker’s elite in London, but no indication of when or where the festivities will occur has been given. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe kicks off on September 18th from the Casino at the Empire.

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