Dwan and Cates Play another Short Round in the Durrrr Challenge

Every time we think we’re about to get some real action in the Durrrr Challenge, things get cut short. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday as Daniel Cates Tweeted via his Junglemandan account “durrrr challenge now @ Tom Dwan”.

The action got underway, and did include one of Full Tilt Poker’s biggest hands of the day, but just over an hour into it, the competition was already coming to a close. Dwan let it be known that he thought he had more time, but that he had to leave.

There were actually two major hands that went down, but one of them resulted in a split pot that would have been worth $160k to jungleman12. Dwan 4-bet pre-flop with 96 off-suit, called by Cates. The flop came down 954, giving durrrr top pair. He opened with $12k, only to be raised $27k by jungleman. Tom shoved a 3-bet all-in, snap called by Cates who showed a pair of ladies (QQ).

They decided to run it twice. The first hand was won by Cates, the second by Dwan as he drew a 9. The $160k pot was split between them.

The second big pot, which turned out to be one of the largest on Full Tilt on the day, was worth $117,800. This one went to Dwan who sprung a flush on the river.

Little more than an hour into play, the poker chat became regretfully active:

durrrr: gtg for a bit
durrrr: back in few hrs prolly
durrrr: sry for no leadtime thought i had longer
jungleman12: gay
jungleman12: gg
durrrr: i have me winning 29.7k or so
durrrr: over 446 hands
durrrr: u got same?
jungleman12: sounds right
jungleman12: very close
durrrr: kk cya
durrrr: back in a few hrs if ur here

We can assume Daniel Cates was not available a few hours later since the action has yet resume on the Durrrr Challenge. The calculations were a bit of, however. The total number of hands played was 443, with Dwan ending the session up $29.3k. Jungleman12 still leads the challenge by about $1 million.

It should be noted that Daniel was donning a new avatar in this session. One member of the twoplustwo forums commented, “maybe this brings back the luck!” If that was his intention, apparently it didn’t work as Tom Dwan continues to chip away at Cates’ lead, little by little, hour by hour.


Durrrr Challenge Updated Totals:

Cates Leads: $1,070,759

Hands Played: 21,174

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